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March 2024 Meeting Minutes

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March 2024 Meeting Agenda

Past Meeting Minutes / Recordings

February 2024 Associates Meeting

2024 February Associates Meeting-20240206_181642-Meeting Recording.mp4

January 2024 Associates Meeting

January 2024 Monthly Associates Meeting-20240102_180907-Meeting Recording.mp4

October 2023 Sworn Meeting

Monthly October 2023 Sworn meeting-20231003_170655-Meeting Recording.mp4

October 2023 Associates Meeting

Monthly October 2023 Associates meeting-20231003_181117-Meeting Recording.mp4

September 2023 Sworn Meeting

September 2023 Monthly Sworn Meeting-20230905_170734-Meeting Recording.mp4

September 2023 Associates Meeting

September 2023 Monthly Associates Meeting-20230905_180705-Meeting Recording.mp4

August 2023 Sworn Meeting

August 2023 Monthly Sworn Meeting-20230801_170741-Meeting Recording.mp4

July 2023 Sworn Meeting

July 2023 Monthly Sworn Meeting-20230711_171547-Meeting Recording.mp4

July 2023 Associates Meeting - Partial Recording

July 2023 Monthly Associates Meeting-20230711_180038-Meeting Recording.mp4

June 2023 Associates Meeting

Interview Strategies and Department hiring preparation

June 2023 Monthly Associates Meeting-20230606_180216-Meeting Recording 1 (2).mp4

March 2023 Sworn Meeting

March 2023 Monthly Associates Meeting-20230308_025023-Meeting Recording.mp4

March 2023 Associates Meeting

March 2023 Monthly Associates Meeting-20230308_025023-Meeting Recording.mp4

February 2023 Associates Recording.  There is no Sworn Recording for February 2023

Monthly Associates Meeting-20230207_180502-Meeting Recording.mp4


EV UBFF Meeting Minutes 1.3.23.docx


December Sworn Meeting Minutes

EVUBFF December Meeting Minutes
EVUBFF Monthly Meeting-20221206_170443-Meeting Recording.mp4

November Sworn Meeting Minutes

October Sworn Meeting Minutes/ Recording

October Meeting Minutes
October Monthly meeting-20221004_170431-Meeting Recording.mp4

October Associates Meeting Recording

October Associates meeting-20221004_182159-Meeting Recording.mp4

September Meeting Minutes / Recording

EV UBFF Meeting Minutes 9.6.22.docx
September Monthly Meeting-20220906_170212-Meeting Recording.mp4

August Meeting Minutes / Recording

August EVUBFF Meeting Minutes
August Monthly Meeting-20220802_091612-Meeting Recording.mp4

July Meeting Minutes / Recording

EV UBFF Agenda 7.5.22.docx
July Monthly Meeting-20220705_103312-Meeting Recording.mp4

June Meeting Minutes / Recording

EV UBFF Meeting Minutes 6.7.22.docx
June 7, 2022 Monthly Meeting Recording.mp4

May Meeting Minutes

EV UBFF Meeting Minutes 5.3.22.docx

April Meeting Minutes

EVUBFF April Meeting Minutes

March Meeting Minutes

EV UBFF Meeting minutes 3.3.22.docx